Newsletter: April 2011 (Jaipur Conference)

During December 2010, the Neurological Society of India (NSI) and the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) jointly hosted the annual conference in Jaipur, India. This was indeed an unprecedented experience, as it was the first time that such a large contingent of US-based neurosurgeons visited India and participated in the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and skills with India-based neurosurgeons. More than fifty neurosurgeons from the US attended, and the whole gamut of neurosurgical topics were discussed, ranging from skull base, vascular/endovascular, spine, pediatrics, neurotrauma, as well as neuro-oncology. A hands-on skull base course preceded the conference in New Delhi, led by Dr. Saleem Abdulrauf. AASAN served as the organizational engine for this joint meeting and had a pivotal role in ensuring that this historic meeting was successful. In addition to the conference itself, the evening social events allowed a more personal interaction between US and Indian neurosurgeons–they were lavish affairs, where attendees could savor the delicious food of the subcontinent and enjoy live entertainment consisting of traditional Rajasthani as well as popular Bollywood music.

The conference also afforded a glimpse into modern India for many US-based neurosurgeons. They were able to experience firsthand the unique culture, society, and many of the sights and sounds of a 5000 year old civilization whose past is still evident in its day-to-day life, but one that is looking at the 21st century with great optimism and confidence, as it gains a foothold on the world stage.

The AASAN leadership strongly believes that exchanges such as these are mutually beneficial to neurosurgeons who may practice in different parts of the world, but who are able to evaluate the merits of the different management techniques for various neurosurgical disorders at such a venue. Our goal is to continue to help organize and encourage future interactions between US- and India-based neurosurgeons.

AASAN Members in Jaipur, India

Stryker Ambassadorship

The executive committee members on behalf of its membership would like to thank Stryker Corporation for their support of the Ambassador Program. In collaboration with Gene Tierney and Ryan Dugan from Stryker Corporation, AASAN has received a generous $15,000 grant which is renewable based on the experience of the upcoming year. The grant will provide the funds for a neurosurgeon from south asia to visit a neurosurgery program in the United States. The funding would support at least a 4-6 week exchange program. We appreciate Stryker Corporation’s confidence in AASAN because this program represents the first of its kind in neurosurgery for them. We look forward to our continued partnership and collaboration with them. Beginning in May, the AASAN website will outline the eligibility criteria and application process. The anticipated deadline for application is July 1st with notifications being sent out the first week in August. The exchange of ideas, both clinical and cultural, is vital to our livelihood as neurosurgeons. By continuing to reinforce these common bonds, we continue our fundamental mission as neurosurgeons which is to improve patient care, both locally and globally.

Call for Donations

We would like to encourage all AASAN members to contribute by way of donations so that we may continue to promote the exchange of knowledge and skills between Indian and US-based neurosurgeons through meetings and visiting fellowship programs. AASAN understands the importance of such interaction, and with your help, we can continue to help support, plan and organize such exchange.