Corporate Sponsors

PMT® Corporation


PMT® Corporation is the premier supplier of an extensive line of neurosurgical products, offering Cortac®, cortical surface electrodes, Depthalon®, depth electrodes and sEEG depth electrodes for epilepsy monitoring. PMT® also offers high-end neck braces, including halo systems and orthotic vests for cervical, thoracic and lumbar spinal immobilization and microsurgical instruments. PMT®’s nationwide direct sales force is available 24 hours a day at (800)626-5463. Please also visit for a more in depth look at all PMT®’s has to offer.


Docs Dial


Docs Dial is a full service medical marketing agency, specializing in webinars that
promote medical procedures.


CTL Amedica Corporation

stryker-logoCTL Amedica Corporation is a forward-thinking medical device design, development, and manufacturing company aiming to become the leader in the medical device
industry. Much like the surgeons we serve and the artists we admire, CTL Medical works tirelessly combining science, mathematics and the arts to create the masterpieces and
multifaceted surgical solutions found in each of our spinal fixation systems.



stryker-logoThe executive committee members on behalf of its membership would like to thank Stryker Corporation for their support of the Ambassador and Scholarship programs. In collaboration with Gene Tierney and Ryan Dugan from Stryker Corporation, AASAN has received a generous $15,000 grant which is renewable based on the experience of the following year.


globus-logoGlobus Medical

The executive committee members on behalf of its membership would like to thank Globus Medical for an educational grant of $8000.  Due to this grant, all new resident members will receive a FREE copy of the Handbook of Spine Surgery by Baaj, Mummaneni, a value of $90!



MiRus logo_3 color_color tag-TMMiRus was launched in 2016 to bring novel material, hardware and software solutions to spine and orthopaedic surgery. We have created a comprehensive platform centered around our proprietary MoRe alloy to create the world’s smallest, strongest and biologically superior implants. We also address the demands of today’s healthcare environment with an integrated platform of pre-operative planning and risk assessment tools, a breakthrough navigation system and post-operative monitoring and risk mitigation.